UK says Russia’s nuclear blackmail will not affect support for Ukraine

Britain commented on Putin's nuclear threats at the UN meeting

Britain commented on Putin’s nuclear threats at the UN meeting

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s statements about deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus are simply another attempt to intimidate Kyiv’s partners, Kariuki said.

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“We will strongly support the people of Ukraine and call on Russia to reduce tensions,” he said.

“This should start with ending this illegal and unprovoked invasion.”

The diplomat also called on self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to “stop supporting Russia’s reckless actions that lead to escalation.”

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Putin announced on March 25 that he planned to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. He justified his decision by arguing that the United Kingdom would give Ukraine depleted uranium munitions.

According to the dictator, Russia has already converted 10 Belarusian aircraft for the use of tactical nuclear weapons and handed over Iskander missile systems that can carry a nuclear payload. He also said that by July 1, Belarus would complete the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons.

Putin’s statement has been criticized by many countries, and the European Union has declared that it is ready to impose sanctions in response. China also announced on March 31 that it opposed the transfer of nuclear weapons to other countries.

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Meanwhile, the United States has said it sees no signs of Russian nuclear weapons being moved to Belarus.

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